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FreeStyle Band was formed from within Vertigo Vibe
during the Fall 2007.
We wanted a vehicle to play smaller clubs
and more intimate venues.
This gave us the opportunity to
get back to our roots
play acoustic music and instruments.
It also kept things simple.
And that's the way, un huh, un huh, we like it!

Well, I've reassembled the band of merry pranksters. 
The trio is back...and the boys are back in town!

FreeStyle is available for:


Private Parties

Smaller venues

Community events

House parties (inside or outside)


We got tons of great songs we're gonna do...

anything from Lobo, GooGoo Dolls, Doobie Bros. and Elvis Presley...
to John Couger, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Elvis Costello....

also, some Poison, Kansas, Train, America, Eagles, Jason Mraz and more!!

But that's not all...

we'll cover some classic rock, some country,
some ballads, some oldies, some newbies 
(and maybe a polka or 2). 

Sometimes we don't even know what we'll do!!!

We hope you'll come out and see us soon!!

Or maybe you can invite us over to your house to entertain!

We're stylin' and profilin'.

The boys are back in town!!



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